Pesto! Quick Italian Word Art


Welcome to Marion’s fastest and freshest new restaurant, Pesto! Quick Italian. Pesto! was opened in the Servex Center on Jan. 6 by Joe Sansotta and Tim Kildow. What does this have to do with me? Aside from the fact that I love food, the restaurant opening was also the unveiling of my first mural–a 33×5.5 foot, chalkboard-art inspired wall. Now, I’ve never painted a mural before, so this was quite a project for me. Tim, owner of Marion’s Italian staple, The Warehouse, saw my chalkboard art at a friend’s wedding and asked if I could help him on a project. I said “yes” on a whim. Luckily for everyone involved, it turns out I’m capable.

I have to admit I was terrified when I saw this blank wall. Paint is much scarier than chalk! 30 feet is much scarier than three. And I’m good with words, NOT numbers, i.e. dimensions, measurements, geometry, whatever. Oh, and ladders are hard. I created a rough sketch of the wall based on the phrases and words I was given. The whole thing was done freehand, with the exception of ‘FRESH FOOD FAST’ and ‘UPSCALE FAST FOOD,’ which I made stencils for. Due to the lighting and wall color, I couldn’t sketch the whole thing before painting. Instead, I had to complete sections and cross my fingers that everything fit. MATH. The tomatoes are stickers from Vizual Express.

If you are in Marion, be sure to stop by and see the wall, eat some fresh Italian and have a beer. (Yes, they serve beer and wine!) The set-up, much like Chipotle, allows customers to choose their own ingredients. “It’s a new concept so everybody is learning together,” Joe said. “It’s exciting. The food’s fresh. Everybody likes it.” The vegetarian and gluten-free options make Pesto! one of Marion’s only fresh and fast dining experiences. I recommend the angel hair pasta with diablo sauce and fresh veggies. And don’t forget dessert–the tiramisu is so good.DSC_0102-Recovered DSC_0105-Recovered DSC_0117-Recovered DSC_0118-Recoveredphoto-2

Pesto! Quick Italian is located at 1292 Delaware Ave. Marion, Ohio. If you are interested in custom chalkboard art or word art murals, contact me at